MapServer Service Providers

MapServer is developed and supported by a rich ecosystem of businesses and individuals around the world.

In this page we provide a list of service providers who can assist you in getting the best out of your MapServer investment. Their services can range from training and technical support to help you get started, all the way to specialized development and support services to advance the software and support your organization's mission-critical applications.


This list is non-exhaustive, and there are quite likely other service providers in your region of the world who are not listed here. If you think your organization should be listed here, please submit a pull request for the service_provider.txt page in the MapServer docs GitHub repository.


We take responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the provided information for Core Contributors only.


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Core Contributors

Core Contributor organizations have MapServer Committers and/or PSC members as part of their team and as such they are the closest to the core development of the software and are usually the best to go to for support.

They are close enough to the architecture to know what is possible, and to ensure that any improvement to be made to MapServer gets done in the right way and will be included in future releases of the software.

They wrote the software that you use, so you can trust them to help you get the most out of it.


EOX IT Services GmbH (Austria) offers solutions and services in the geodata domain in general and in the Earth Observation domain in particular. EOX is strongly committed towards utilizing and contributing to Open Source Software for example via the EOX GitHub organization. EOX is further committed to comply to and improve Open Standards particularly those of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


GatewayGeo (Canada) is a company on the East Coast of Canada that has long specialized in custom installations of MapServer on various platforms, including Windows Server and Linux flavours. They are the proud developers of the widely popular MS4W suite (MapServer for Windows). Members are experienced trainers who have given MapServer workshops at FOSS4G events as far back as 2004.


Geographika (UK), a company founded by Seth Girvin, develops and maintains systems using Open Source geospatial software. Provides support, custom development, performance benchmarking and optimisation with a focus on Python and MapServer.


The team at Mapgears Inc (Canada) has been active since 2000 in the development of MapServer and related Open Source technologies of the OSGeo Foundation. Mapgears offers professional, yet personalized services to assist application developers and integrators who made the choice of MapServer and other OSGeo technologies.


Oslandia (France) provides services on Open Source GIS. Oslandia offers training, support, development and consulting, namely on MapServer, TinyOWS, QGIS and PostGIS.


Spatialys (France) is a company founded by Even Rouault that is dedicated to providing to its clients the best of its expertise around Open Source geospatial software - such as GDAL/OGR, MapServer and QGIS - and Open standards.


The Contributors listed here usually have power users and experienced integrators as part of their team who are recognized in the MapServer community for their contributions to various aspects of the software over the years and are very well positioned to assist you with MapServer.

None listed yet.

Other Service Providers

The service providers in this category offer services around MapServer and related Open Source technologies.


Astun Technology Ltd (UK) Astun Technology is the UK market leader for geospatial solutions with enterprise-level support, built on Open Source foundations. Founded by Mike Saunt in 2005, Astun has developed an innovative suite of products and services which are now in use with over 60 organisations including Local Authorities, National Parks, Blue Light Services and Social Housing. Astun also provides mentoring, training and bespoke application development.

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