MapServer 6.2.0 beta2 Changelog

27f1d6b (Thomas Bonfort): fix template access to non-existant classes (#4367)

cf9809d (Thomas Bonfort): reset style on empty ogr style strings (#4365)

4333826 (Thomas Bonfort): fix CGI extents in tile mode (#4410)

af4e02b (Thomas Bonfort): add ms_ioStripStdoutBufferContentHeaders() to php mapscript (#4319)

aa63ed2 (Thomas Bonfort): compiler warning: cast size_t to int

b9c8a40 (Thomas Bonfort): compiler warning: size_t is always positive

204b68b (Thomas Bonfort): fix various compiler warnings

02e56f7 (Thomas Bonfort): avoid memory corruption in inspire capabilities (#4387)

677ff45 (Thomas Bonfort): avoid going through internal resampling for degenerate rects (#4039)

42cc882 (Thomas Bonfort): add call to msComputeBounds after fastpath reprojection

3128a3c (Even Rouault): Unix configure: add -Wdeclaration-after-statement by default in CFLAGS to issue ‘warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code’ with GCC, which means that compilation will fails with MSVC, so something that MUST be fixed

73761fd (szekerest): Fix build problems related to mixed code and variable declarations

bcd0449 (Thomas Bonfort): add -ldl to linker flags (#4342)

67f2784 (Thomas Bonfort): fix bug with uncached/cached shapes (#4371)

d8763a7 (Thomas Bonfort): fix gd transparent background (#4013)

607b729 (Thomas Bonfort): fix uninitialized text outline width in error image

479dc7c (Thomas Bonfort): fix memory leak with proj >= 4.8.0 (#4398)

bdefa75 (Thomas Bonfort): fix memory leak on WMS 1.3.0 bbox parsing (#4397)

220ef2d (Thomas Bonfort): fix bounds calculation on inline features (#4391)

af9f398 (Thomas Bonfort): Revert “make msLayerNextShape calculate shape bounds (#4391)”

7599b8c (Thomas Bonfort): fix sld stroke-opacity for PolygonSymbolizer (#4132)

64ef556 (Thomas Bonfort): ifdef out unused code without POINT_Z_M

bca7fd1 (Thomas Bonfort): don’t crash on ofsetting degenerate lines (#4383)

d4579e6 (Thomas Bonfort): fix postgis compilation warnings (unused vars)

698246f (Thomas Bonfort): fix calls to msDrawShape (c.f. #4371)

b2a3611 (Thomas Bonfort): use drawmode for non-clipped labels (#4371)

3ae0407 (Thomas Bonfort): make msLayerNextShape calculate shape bounds (#4391)

9e17579 (Martin Kofahl): Fixing a couple of invalid calls to msSetError() in mapunion.c and mapcluster.c causing a segmentation fault.

8205992 (Thomas Bonfort): fix label poly calculation for multiline bitmap labels (#4390)

f3554df (Thomas Bonfort): make msLayerNextShape calculate shape bounds (#4391)

566da12 (Martin Kofahl): Fixing a couple of invalid calls to msSetError() in mapunion.c and mapcluster.c causing a segmentation fault.

aa42674 (Thomas Bonfort): fix label poly calculation for multiline bitmap labels (#4390)

24e2cf5 (Thomas Bonfort): use MS_DRAW_SINGLESTYLE instead of style==-1

5c6c652 (Thomas Bonfort): fix label min/maxscale handling at layer level (#4371)

e353c17 (Stephen Lime): Updated migration guide for ticket #4368.

7dfb9e5 (Stephen Lime): Removed min/max scale override via URL (#4368).

d0a0a60 (Martin Kofahl): Use platform depended path delimiters in msStripPath (#4379)

9695eca (Martin Kofahl): #3443 reports a huge performance issue because of falling back to world bounds when reprojection of a map request rectangle into layer projection fails. This patch will abort drawing such a layer.

9bcec4f (faegi): Issue #3428 - correct wfs namespaces in GetCapabilities

50198ae (Thomas Bonfort): correct usage of ‘ instead of “ in strchr

88965b4 (Thomas Bonfort): don’t free any static memory

6ecb4fe (Martin Kofahl): support for alternative worldfile location for raster datasets by setting the processing directive to either ‘’PROCESSING “WORLDFILE=/path/”’’ (will lookup basename.??? at this path) or ‘’PROCESSING “WORLDFILE=/path/file.wld”’’ (will use the given file).

ca7243a (Thomas Bonfort): crash from msTiledSHPOpenFile (#4254)

dff71ec (Thomas Bonfort): don’t try to offset labels with no bounding poly computed (#4370)

20701b4 (Thomas Bonfort): add some styling parameters to CGI interface (#4157)

c79f8a2 (Thomas Bonfort): avoid segfaults on empty shapes (#4092)

56a154b (Thomas Bonfort): Ensure FILENAME for ogr output is not absolute (#4086)

3836039 (Thomas Bonfort): fix wms capabilities content-type (#4364)

fe2bb37 (Håvard Tveite): Updated the migration guide with some rendering changes between 6.0 and 6.2

8e4df01 (Umberto Nicoletti): (backported from main) Error in new refcounting locking code: restore project build also when thread support is disabled

0d6092e (Alan Boudreault): Removed unessecary operations related to pagination