A set of xy pairs terminated with an END, for example:

POINTS 1 1 50 50 1 50 1 1 END


POLYGON/POLYLINE layers POINTS must start and end with the same point (i.e. close the feature).

Multipart features can be created by adding further sets of points, for example:

  POINTS 1 1 50 50 1 50 1 1 END
  POINTS 100 100 50 50 100 50 100 100 END

Semicolon separated list of the feature attributes:

ITEMS "value1;value2;value3"


Specifying the same number of items is recommended for each feature of the same layer. The item names should be specified as a PROCESSING option of the layer.

TEXT [string]

String to use for labeling this feature.

WKT [string]

A geometry expressed in OpenGIS Well Known Text geometry format. This feature is only supported if MapServer is built with OGR or GEOS support.

WKT "POLYGON((500 500, 3500 500, 3500 2500, 500 2500, 500 500))"
WKT "POINT(2000 2500)"


Inline features should be defined as their own layers in the mapfile. If another CONNECTIONTYPE is specified in the same layer, MapServer will always use the inline features to draw the layer and ignore the other CONNECTIONTYPEs.